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CBC Documentary on crows

Greetings to my brethren

In case you needed more proof that crows will not only take over society but are
actually secretly running it, check out this CBC documentary:


The Morrigan and Herbalism

Gut instinct says that this is worth promoting from the comments in the previous post, as to get a broader scope of input from the community.

It has been postulated that the Morrigan can be connected with herbalism, and kathhazel and I have been discussing this with the former asserting the positive and I the negative. So as not to misconstrue anyone's intention or meaning, I'm not making any sweeping editorial parsing past the initial statements. I'd really like to see what evidence others can find in the lore (or traditions, for that matter) either supporting or refuting the postulate. There's probably a significant amount of material with which I'm unfamiliar or which is simply beyond my ken- I'm decidedly not the scholar to whom I'd aspire to be.
To keep the threads clear, I'll offset my comments with doubled dashes.

--Where in the lore is An Mhòr Righan connected to herbalism?
1) The Book of Leinster clearly states:

"Ernmas had other daughters, Babd and Macha and Morrigu (Morrighan), whose name was Anand." verse 64, R.A.S. MacAllister, Lebor Gabala Erren (Dublin: Irish Texts Society, 1956)

"Morrighan, contrary to later tales, enters the myths as a goddess of the earth and of the land, which is not surprising for a daughter of a fertile mother goddess and a sister of three goddesses of Irish sovereignty."

2) "She uses magic to confuse the battle-hardened, making her allies thick with battle frenzy."

(above quotes and citation from: Goddess Alive! Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses into your life.)

As a goddess of the Earth and fertility, her realm would naturally have included plants, although she is better known in the later tales for her herd of Otherworldly cattle. (The book of Leinster being the earliest to be set down and sections of it (by language analysis) date back to the 5th century.)

As a Goddess of Magic, herbs in their magical form would have been associated with her. The healing herbs fell to Brighid, however, with the triple nature of the early Irish Goddesses and the changing of names in the later tales, they may well be two aspects of the same goddess.

--As a goddess of the Earth and fertility, her realm would naturally have included plants, although she is better known in the later tales for her herd of Otherworldly cattle.

--I'd contest that An Mhór Righan fits the Dumézilian archetypes of Sovreignty, the warrior caste, and the magical one; but don't see any real connection with the fourth function- aside from the association with cattle, which really is more a manifestation of the power of ownership, and thus an indication of sovreignty.

--Where is the lore indicative of Her associations as "a goddess of the earth and of the land," or where have reputable Celtic Studies scholars accorded these to her- not to impugn Michelle Skye, but her approach is definitely Wiccan-influenced (by her own admission) and she does not appear to have any particular qualification as an authority on Celtic Studies.

"The manner of naming places for deities, moreover, is also significant. In the case of the Morrigan, an equation seems to be made between the body of the goddess and the contours of the earth (cf. Figure 11.1). That the female is implicatedin landscape formation is further suggested by the identification of two of the areas hills as 'Comb and Casket of the Dagda's wife' (Stokes 1894:292-3). The indications are, therefore, that the Morrigan is identified with the feminized earth. Furthermore, we find that other Irish place names are designated by their nomenclature as her property or place of frequentation (see Hennessy1870:54-5; Hogan 1910: 448,493). Thus, the 'Great Queen' of the supernatural world appears to have the attributes of a goddess of the land." The concept of the Goddess by Sandra Billington, Miranda Green.

Being influenced by Wicca does not make anyone a bad authority on mythology, folklore and legend.....

Dr. Green, on the other hand, is a well respected academic who specialises in the role of women in Celtic society, myth and religion.

--OK, now we're getting somewhere, and are approaching solid discussion. Thank you.

--We have from the Lebor Gabála Érenn:
--"Badb and Macha and Anand, of whom are the Paps of Anu in Luachar were the three daughters of Ernmas the she-farmer."
--and again, later in the LGE:
--"Badb and Macha, greatness of wealth, Morrigu--
--springs of craftiness,
--sources of bitter fighting
--were the three daughters of Ernmas"

--so we can 'close the loop' and draw the conclusion that Anand and the Morrigu are the same entity, so Dhá Chíoche Dhanann- the Paps of Anand- follow logically, but these structures aren't (at least entirely) natural- they're funerary cairns, as are Dá Cích na Mórrígna near Newgrange. Then we have the cave of Cruachain- which is clearly a transitionary area to the Otherworld (a sidhe-door, anyone?).

--I guess what I'm getting at, really, is that when there is a connection with the earth, it's in the context of Sovreignty, or the after-life/Tír na nÓg, or the Otherworld.

--I still don't see a connection with herbalism. What am I missing in the lore?
From 31st December 2009 the government intent to make all vitamins, herbal preparations and supplements available on prescription only, from your GP!!!.

Anyone who objects has until 5th September, yes that is FOUR DAYS, to sign the petition which is at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins

Tell all your friends, swamp the petition site!

There are several reasons why this is a bad idea:

1. This would effectively kill Herbalism..........which has been effective for thousands of years
2. Doctors are not trained to prescribe herbal preparations, it is a separate 3-4 years of training!
3. All our health care products would be in the hands of the big pharmaceutical companies

What is appalling is the fact that this has been kept so damn quiet by the idiots who call themselves our representatives!!

The plants of this planet have aided humankind for thousands of years, and up until the past 60 or so years were in common useage in every household in Britain and are still widely used, even if many people are not aware of them. The majority of pharmaceutical products are simply patented plant derivatives......and there is the crux of the matter. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent the whole herb...it is a naturally occuring entity....so they aim to get it outlawed!!!

Is your GP going to do the extra training..........I doubt it very much.

newish here

So thanks for approving me a couple months back. Long time worshiper, first time poster. I'm a Canadian and recent Fine Arts grad and I do landscaping to supplement my documentary filmmaking habit. I am passionately keen on ecological issues. Hello to you all!

I want to ask if anyone else here is called to do channeling work and mediumship. This is something that came to me completely out of the blue and I'm a little lost as to how to proceed (although I'm lucky to be working under an experienced woman in California by e-mail). There seem to be some scholars here and I also want to ask; Is there a folkloric or cultural precedent for that sort of thing among prechristian Celts? Or is this some sort of shared syncretic hallucination?

I'm aware that this claim might be hard for some to swallow. Please believe that if it were at all possible for me to stop I probably would have by now. Maybe I am crazy, but I'm sure you've all experienced something a little out of the ordinary or you wouldn't be here.

ok Peace
The Phantom Queen Awaits: Call for submissions

The Phantom Queen Awakes
A Dark Celtic Anthology
Edited by Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar
It may come as little surprise to the friends of Morrígan Books that Mark S. Deniz has decided to dedicate an anthology to the publishing company’s patron goddess, the Morrígan. The collection will be edited by Mark, with in-house editor, Amanda Pillar as co-editor.

To date, Elaine Cunningham and Katherine Kerr have agreed to write for the anthology.

The Morrígan is commonly portrayed as a triple goddess, but her tripartite nature is uncertain at best. This ambiguity shall be at the heart of The Phantom Queen Awakes.

Please follow the link for some background on the Morrígan.

The Phantom Queen Awakes, will focus on Morrígan’s tripartite nature. We want stories set in the ancient world of the Celts (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celt for some information), that talk of Morrígan. She does not have to be a central figure (although she must appear at least once in the tale), however we would prefer it if she was.

Mark and Amanda are looking for stories that push the boundaries, for tales that resound with the reader long after they’ve been put down. Supernatural creatures are allowed, although they must be in tune with Celtic mythology. We do not want gratuitous violence or sex scenes. The editors would prefer stories of a darker nature, and are much more likely to take well written stories with this in mind.


Word Count: 50 to 6,000 (the lower word count being reserved for excellent flash fiction and poetry).

Payment: $.01 per word for original stories, no reprints

Deadline: 1st December 2008 - we are implementing a new submission selection for the anthology but will let all authors know as soon as possible after the deadline day as to the decision regarding their story.

Submission Format: Please write the title, your name, your address, email, contact numbers and the word count at the top of the manuscript submission. Please include the page number in the footer.

Manuscripts should be in either the Courier New or Times New Roman font. Please make sure your manuscript is double-spaced.

We will only accept manuscripts electronically and they must be in .rtf (rich text format).

Submissions: Send submissions as attachments to: phantom.queen@morriganbooks.com

Please note: submissions open 1st August 2008 (please do not send your stories before this date).
Really quick questions;

An Mhor Rioghain is also identified as "the Washer at the Ford." Is this Ford a specific place? Does it correlate to a map-able place in physical Ireland?

(Or, in leiu of answering, feel free to provide me with links. If it's discussed in the Epstein thesis, let me know as well; I have downloaded that resource, but have had trouble "getting into" its necessarily scholarly presentation :/)

Thanks much.


Dreams and questions

Ok, i haven't asked a question here in awhile, but since the first of May i've been having odd dreams and it's bringing up questions about association and such that i don't know how to answer. In the past year, goddess associations with trees and water keep showing up in my life, my cards, and in my dreams. Since May Day, i've been dreaming about this a lot, and the Morrigan is always plainly a part of it. It seems to be a theme, and i feel strongly that there's a point trying to be gotten across here. (but what it is, i'm not sure yet) My own personal feelings toward water and the sea and things related have changed totally in the past few years, (from negative to positive) and the change has seemed to coincide with the upswing of these strange (for me) associations. And over and over again, it has appeared to be goddess related.
But i'm dedicated to the Morrigan...so i'm a bit confused.

THis brings me to my question.
Are there any nature associations that any of you are aware of, traditionally, with the Morrigan? Specifically, water, the sea or ocean, storms, and...for some reason...trees? (i think i remember a storm connection in a battle story..i'll need to go back and look) And is there any connection that could link the Morrigan as an aspect of Danu or Dana? i remember reading once that some people thought they were connected, and it certainly would explain some things for me...but i'm not at all sure and wanted other's opinions on the subject. She's always been so completely linked with strength, battle, and change for me, that this is a confusing departure from what i know.
Thanks, and i hope this makes at least a little sense...i'm a bit flustered on how to ask what it is i'm wondering about. :)

Ancient Irish Goddess of War

Hennessey's "Ancient Irish Goddess of War" is online.


A gift from the Goddess

I am looking for some info/links/pointers on the project which has come my way.

Basically I got a gift from my gods and I want to honour it and make the most of it.  I was looking for guidance abot how to move my craft forward and new ways to work and after asking for help and guidance a Large black crow hit into my house and died. It pretty much broke it's neck flying into one of the windows which would be not unheard of for birds but would be rare for crows and such a thing has never happened with any bird in the time I have been living here which is nearly a decade.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that this was a gift and the bird gave up it's life so that I may have it's corpse and use it in as part of working with and honoring my goddess.

I know this can sound awfully batshit but my witchcraft if real and viseral just like my life and really if I can kill, clean and eat a chicken a crow should not be that much of a challenge.

But there are certain parts I want to preserve from the crow.

I already know about cleaning, bleaching and preseving the skull I am looking for information about preserving the claws, tounge,  heart, and the wings and looking for any other suggestions about what parts could be used for magical purposes.

I am hoping to avoid hard chemicals for doing this.
Anyone got any experience with this sort of thing ?

Morrighan's Prophecy

Hello everyone:

I was looking for the complete prophecies of the Morrighan that She gave at the Second Battle of Mag Tuired. I have come across fragments of both the prophecies. When I refer to "both the prophecies" I mean the the prophecies that first predicted the destruction and then the one that promised creation and/or peace. The most complete version of the prophecy that I have found of the prophecy of destruction is at this link, but I have only found fragments of the second.
Does anyone have any tips on finding both texts or actually have access to either of them that they are willing to share?
I have searched online archives of the various collections of the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, but have only found fragments of either prophecy.

On another note I really enjoy reading the posts in this community and appreciate all the articles that are shared.

Thank you!