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Greetings and Salutations

I am Erin. I'm 25, and a single mother of a 4 year old, expecting a son in June. Here is a short rundown of my spiritual journey (I cut and pasted it from celticpagans when asked my spiritual background.)

LDS (7th generation), Christian (mostly pentecostal) (for less then 3 years. Which was in between my exodus from the LDS church and the first half of my pagan practices) Studied Paganism, magic(k), occult for about 10 years now, followed eclectically for about...4 years (again split up in 2 years before and after a almost 3 year Christianity). At one time I also studied Satanism, generalized eclectic Wicca (but found the term Celtic Pagan a better term for me), and some Gnosticism. I also have been and AM currently studying Traditional Witchcraft. Other then my own studies and personal experiences, I have no "official" training whatsoever.

For me, I am not directly working with Morrighan, but I feel...what do I feel....I don't think I can properly say what it is, it just "is". I feel her presence. From my understanding seeing lots of crows (which I do, they are here alot but I've experienced weird things concerning them that as far as I know seem "unusual") and from my understanding this is possibly a bad omen (?? from what I've read) but I see it as she's watching and observing. I see it completely opposite of a "bad omen".

I currently use to study alot about her, reading all I could that was available (at least mostly online) and it's been a few years since I've worked with her (but I feel a call to return, I can't explain it. I haven't been working much with anyone other Goddess, Except for a time Hekate, and it was nothing like my experience with The Morrighan, so I am rusty in my facts and information. Which is one reason I'm here...what better place. *smile*

Hope everyone has a good day.

a dream of the Morrigan

I had a dream last night in which the Morrigan appeared, sort of.

I dreamed that I was in a grassy field like the fields at a school. A lot of people were there and we were all practicing some kind of reenactment; to bring to life an important battle from either history or myth, I am not sure which. The warrior people were mostly men and were charging on a small building of sorts and having their attacks repelled. I was standing in the middle by the building with two other people, I think both were women; I remember one woman was wearing a long, striking red dress, but I can't picture what the other one looked like. We were in some way directing the battle, or they were. I was acting as a goddess of death and was in charge of the ones who 'died' in the battle. It had this ritualistic quality where on the one hand it was a rehearsal of sorts with a bunch of guys on a school field, but one felt a weight to it, as though when we did the actual performance or reenactment, it was going to become a real life-and-death situation. I don't know, it's a little fuzzy. Somehow it was involved with painting, I had paintbrushes and things.

The next thing I remember is that the rehearsal was done and I was walking through the hallways of the school with the two other women. They were talking about the process, somewhat excitedly, going over details and things. The woman in the red dress, who I could now see was taller than me and had mid-length black hair, said something about wanting to make some kind of record or write down what happened in the battle that was to come. Because we would want to remember it. Then she asked me what I most wanted to remember, and I said, "I want to know which face of the Morrigan each of the men sees when he dies."

And we kept walking, but then I stopped, and I had a paintbrush in my hand, and I painted an image of a war helmet on the carpet of the hallway, and a long red arrow pointing toward the door to the battlefield.

After that I woke up. The only other thing I can remember is that in the dream I had long white hair.

Morrigan and Danu

Firstly, for a very interesting thesis passed on from wire_mother at cr_r, click HERE.
I've also been reading Guises of the Morrigan, which makes a few connections to other "aspects" of the Morrígan, such as Scáthach. Hardest for me to understand though was the connection between the Morrígan and Danu. The two Goddesses just seem too different to me to possibly have been the same Lady. The only obvious connection to Danu I could see was Morrígan's connection to the Dagda being an Earth god, as Danu is described.
Also the Morrígan doesn't really strike me as a nurturing Mother Goddess like Danu.
Though, both the Morrígan and Danu are identified with rivers and associated with fertility.
From other sources, the Morrígan is painted as the battle Goddess of the
Tuatha Dé Danann, but not necessarily as its abundant fertility Mother, guessed in other places as Anand/Danand. Also, why would Her name have been altered in the same land?
Also regionally, Morrígan was identified as fighting for Ulster against the men of Ireland, while Danu is associated with the fertile grounds of Munster.
This whole business of the Irish Goddesses bleeding into one another gets dreadfully confusing. Anyone have any light to shed on the idea?
This article was in my local paper today, just thought I'd share...

Caw of the wild


This may be a personal question, but anyone who is okay with sharing some of their experiences, I'm wondering what you think your most significant experiences concerning the Morrigan are.
Only so much can be understood with the historical eye in my view, and to get a better handle on this Lady in a more modern context, I'd love to read some reflections from Her dedicants, or those who have had contact with Her before.
Any takers?
Many apologies for the massive cross-posting, but please give your feedback, as Pagans, or counselors, or (and especially) Pagan/-friendly counselors, to "Paganism: A Guide for the Solitary (Clinical) Practitioner (or The Complete Counselors' Guide to Paganism)." More information can be found here.

I am in no way affiliated with this project, however the OP of the information asked us to spread it around. Thanks much and Blessed Be.

Another question about Goddes.

I'd gladly appreciate your opinions about it.
The aspect of Goddes that is close for me is one, who inspires warriors into battle. From my point of view She enjoys the rage of men during the fight, when they stand one against another. But the world has changed a lot and in nowadays the soldiers have replaced warriors, there's no need for them to enter the close-fight, the automatic weapons and artillery strikes are much efficient ways to win. So I wonder, if She would find such kind of war intresting for Her or She still enjoys the in-fighting?

Greetings all

I have a few questions, hoping things are a bit more specific to the Morrigan here as I was directed over by the folk at nonfluffypagans.
At the moment, I'm really working on understanding this particular Lady and actually working with Her (if that's at all possible) instead of just obeying Her spiritual pressure.
She caught me up (at least for the first time I actually recognized) last February. I was going through military grilling, so I suppose the appearance of a battle Goddess wasn't totally unexpected.
I'm not usually one for overactive spiritual heebie-jeebies, but this presence unnerved me, and still does, which unfortunately is the basis of my problem.
I haven't been directly acknowledging the Lady until now. I've been going with the spiritual pressure, which has led to a hell of a lot of change for me with work, friends, relationships and interests since I first encountered Her.
But, I've been looking at Her out of the corner of my eye, so to speak. Never directly working with Her because frankly, I was cautious of what a deity this strong was planning on doing with me. After the fiasco with the ADF (who just for the record didn't imagine I'd be suitable) the Morrigan disappeared as suddenly and completely as She'd come, leaving me to lick my wounds for the next seven months. Her attention turned on me again this August, when I decided to back out of standard quasi-Wiccan "neo" Paganism and head more in the direction of Irish and British traditional paths and CR, as my family are Irish.
Again, uncharacteristic changes I myself would never have dreamed of started, including forensic technical work and mortuary science, when last month I was vegetarian and frightened of dead things. September sees me going from nursing into venipuncture.
I'm really interested in bringing this Lady more fully into focus, acknowledging the fact she has my arse, and working with Her. I assumed understanding Her may dispel some of my uneasiness, and allow us to work more coherently.
By now, I'm ready to just go with this, rather than denying it.
So, my question really concerns ritual and offering to the Morrigan. I have heard roundabouts of menstrual blood, red wine and meats as food/drink offerings, but this was off a suspiciously fluffy site so I'm not real convinced of the authenticity of that. The limited prayers I found online for the Morrigan were either standard things with the deity names switched, or wannabe vampire fluff.
So, what are the usual offerings made to the Morrigan, and has anyone any idea on a sensible dedicatory ritual, requesting the Morrigan's presence and metaphorically opening the gates to Her? Those of you actively working with Her, how do you go about it?
I'm also after some good reliable information on both Her mythology, and practical application stuff on walking with Her.
Good to find a community focused on the Morrigan!

Aug. 9th, 2006

Warnin' y'all now, I'm posting this several places, so apologies up front for those who see it multiple times.

As some may or may not know, I'm having surgery on the 30th of this month. It's a long involved story, but suffice to say it's be a trial in my life, on the order of a death-and-rebirth feeling. After my surgery, I'll be able to finally start thinking about getting tattoos and body piercings and such, both of which I've wanted done for a long time. For my first tattoo, I'd like to do something to commemorate this trial I feel I've gone through, something with a Pagan spiritual feel/look, possibly including Celtic/Gàidhlig themes or words. I'm having a hell of a time coming up with anything specific though, so the point of this post is to ask for help and suggestions.

Thanks for your time everyone. Again, apologies for the cross-posting.

EDIT: I've come up with something, which you can see here, on my journal. Thanks for the help!

New Here. :O)

Hello All,
My name is Melissa. I just joined this group. I've had The Morrighan come to me recently, and thought this would be a good place to start to learn more about her. It's a very new process for me, so bear with me. LOL On a more mundane level, I live outside of Austin Texas. I'm 32 yrs old, and I'm married with two boys. I look forward to talking with you all :O)